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The 846 Carbon Conductive Grease is an electrically conductive silicone grease for improving electrical connections between sliding surfaces and parts. The 846 grease is designed to lubricate while maintaining good grounding connection.

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dielectric, insulating material or a very poor conductor of electric current. When dielectrics are placed in an electric field, practically no current flows in them because, unlike metals, they have no loosely bound, or free, electrons that may drift through the material. Instead, electric polarization occurs. Use a conductive grease.

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Not all " dielectric grease" is conductive and maybe an insulator so make sure of what you are buying. On electrical connections I use Noalox, it's made for aluminum/clad connectors when there is disimilar metals (copper & aluminium)

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## when he mentions issues with conductive greases, he is talking about noalox / penetrox..which is just ground up zinc in grease. Electricians at work used this stuff called copper kote..which is ground up copper in grease... they used it where buss bars were bolted together.

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I was always under the impression that dielectric grease was a conductive grease and instead it seems like an insulating grease So my semi-flooded stator connector should be just fine like it sits AND I should be using dielectric grease as a substitute for synthetic grease when assembling my Sea Doo motor. Thanks for the education.


[ Transmitters, Amplifiers, and Linears ] [ Dielectric Grease vs Conductive Grease ] Search this site using: WWW W8JI.COM. Business Page Link CTR Engineering, Inc . Table of Contents page. Most of the recent efforts here have been on transmitting antennas. You can see the progress by clicking here.

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Interesting article about Dielectric grease and anti-seize: Use of greases in connection protection seems to be a controversial topic. Some claim dielectric grease is conductive or abrasive, containing silica that increases wear.

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The 846 Carbon Conductive Grease is an electrically conductive silicone grease for improving electrical connections between sliding surfaces and parts. The 846 grease is designed to lubricate while maintaining good grounding connection.

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Ive got some 3rd party sticks that arent working well, so I opened them up to clean them out. Some of them have all metal contacts for the joystick and are covered in a dirty, greasy, oily substance. Is this conductive grease? If so, should I clean it off and put new grease on it?

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We packed the N connectors with dielectric grease ( jumpers from air line to antenna) We found after several years in service the grease would become conductive. It was not noticed on the transmit antenna's ( 1/4 kw to cover a few square miles, way overkill) but was noticed on the receive sites ( over 100) as reduced coverage. ...

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Silicone dielectric grease will prolong connection life as well as, and have just as good conduction performance, as a properly selected metallic powder grease (conductive grease). On the other hand, and improperly selected "conductive" grease can actually cause connection problems. Switches, Movable Contacts, and Relays

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to dielectric grease or not maintenance & nonperformance. Turbobricks Forums > Mechanical > maintenance & nonperformance: to dielectric grease or not

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IF you decide to use silicone grease, the idea (IE: with a PL-259) is to mate the center pin first, then apply some grease where you have soldered the braid to the connector, and run some around the ground side of the connector where the two "points" contact the SO-239. Do not apply anything inside.

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Dielectric grease is used more often in the satellite and cable TV industry on F connectors than with two way radios. On F connectors a small dab is placed on the center conductor and gets squished into the female side and eventually the threads when the connectors are screwed together.

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I think you'll be good to go with Noalox as it is also zinc flakes in grease. Even regular anti-seize available at your local hardware or automotive supply shop will be fine---just use plenty and check your aluminum-to-aluminum or other metal joints every year or so.

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Theres a lot of chatter about the use of dielectric grease. Permatex suggests that Dielectric Tune-Up Grease is a good barrier to oxidation at plugs, connectors and terminals. There are some online comments at forums that say not to place dielectric grease on connector pins. Ive gone to the Perma...

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Seems to be a bit of conflict between the use of dielectric grease, conductive grease or vaseline on the Internet. I've relied on dielectric grease without fail in marine and automotive applications for many, many years and vaseline from time to time when that is all that is availab

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Dielectric Grease Vs. Silicone Grease: Comparison Table . Summary of Dielectric Grease Vs. Silicone Grease. Upon checking several brands of dielectric grease, you might realize that most of them are based on silicone grease. That would further make the selection and differentiation process problematic.

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Differences Between Dielectric Grease and Vaseline. The main differences between the two are: Meaning of Dielectric Grease and Vaseline; Dielectric grease refers to a translucent substance that is mainly used to seal and protect electrical conductors against sand, dirt, dust, or other foreign materials. Vaseline, on the other hand, is a term ...

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I replace it with a S.S. bolt with some dielectric grease on the threads. After 3 winters, there's zero corrosion on the mount or in the threads. It also works just fine to protect the O-rings and other gaskets on antenna bases especially NMO's. For those who are interested, W8JI has written up a very informative piece on the whole matter.