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Lubricate - definition of lubricate by The Free Dictiona

lubricate to make slippery or smooth; apply a lubricant to a machine to diminish friction; to smooth over a problem; ease: to lubricate a family squabble Not to be confused with: lucubrate – to write in a scholarly way; to work, write, or study laboriously, especially late at night: She would be a more well-rounded person if she didn’t lucubrate so ...

Lubricate definition and meaning | Collins English Dictiona

Lubricate definition: If you lubricate something such as a part of a machine, you put a substance such as oil... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Lubricate | Definition of Lubricate by Merriam-Webst

Lubricate definition is - to make smooth or slippery. How to use lubricate in a sentence.

Lubricant - Wikiped

A lubricant is a substance, usually organic, introduced to reduce friction between surfaces in mutual contact, which ultimately reduces the heat generated when the surfaces move. It may also have the function of transmitting forces, transporting foreign particles, or heating or cooling the surfaces. The property of reducing friction is known ...