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Prenatal care among immigrant and racial-ethnic minority .

Our results indicate the importance of disaggregating the expansive categories of Hispanics and the foreign born to better understand health outcomes and healthcare utilization among immigrants. In particular, we find that the legal status of immigrant mothers is one of several important factors influencing prenatal care utilization.

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A Better Life? Immigrant Mothers’ Experiences Building .

Immigrant families often come to the US for a better life and to improve their economic opportunities; however, immigrants experience higher levels of poverty than their native-born counterparts. Despite their financial concerns, less than half of eligible immigrant families in the US receive government assistance.

Tomas Jimenez's Profile | Stanford Profil

Tomas Jimenez is part of Stanford Profiles, official site for faculty, postdocs, students and staff information (Expertise, Bio, Research, Publications, and more). The site facilitates research and collaboration in academic endeavors.

Immigrant women’s experiences of maternity-care services .

Canada’s diverse society and its statutory commitment to multiculturalism means that a synthesis of knowledge related to the healthcare experiences of immigrants is essential to realise the health potential for future Canadians. Although concerns about the maternity experiences of immigrants in Canada are relatively new, recent national guidelines explicitly call for the tailoring of ...

“Who Is Sitting Across From Me?” Immigrant Mothers .

Objective. Although parents’ knowledge about child development and child rearing is relevant to pediatric practice, very little is known about immigrant parents’ knowledge. To fill this gap in research, this study investigated parenting knowledge in 2 groups of mothers who had immigrated to the United States. Design. Japanese and South American immigrant mothers of 2-year-olds completed a ...

Use of Self: Gaining Access, Building Trust, and Analyzing .

Examples are taken from a doctoral dissertation study on the experiences of undocumented Mexican mothers in a new suburban immigrant community. For the research, 20 mothers and 27 key informants from 17 social and health service agencies were interviewed.

Hispanic Immigrant Mothers of Young Children With Autism .

Purpose This study aimed to understand the experiences of raising a child with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in a group of Hispanic immigrant mothers. The following 3 aspects were explored: (a) the families' social environments, (b) cultural beliefs on development and autism, and (c) perceptions of bilingualism influencing language choices.

Exploring the Experience of African Immigrant Mothers .

Introduction: Adolescents have disproportionate rates of unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections when compared with all other age groups. Mothers are gatekeepers and providers of reproductive health education, which can prevent teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Reproductive health education provided by African immigrant mothers is influenced by cultural ...

(PDF) Acculturation, Psychological Adjustment, and .

Acculturation, Psychological Adjustment, and Parenting Styles of Chinese Immigrant Mothers in the United States Article (PDF Available) in Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology 22(4 ...

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Encyclopedia of Motherhood | SAGE Publications I

The first ever on the topic, this Encyclopedia of Motherhood helps to both demarcate motherhood as a scholarly field and an academic discipline and to direct its future development. With more than 700 entries, these three volumes provide information on the central terms, concepts, topics, issues, themes, debates, theories, and texts of this new ...

Enriched early childhood experiences: Latina mothers .

In this analysis of low-income Latina immigrant mothers’ perceptions of ECE opportunities, two interesting paradoxes emerged. First, for many mothers, center-based child care was viewed as distinctly different from more informal types of non-maternal care, and as such, was not perceived as a barrier to family time.

Being a refugee or having a refugee status? Birthweight .

Aims: to evaluate whether the information on refugee status based on the residence permit is a useful source of information for perinatal health surveillance. Methods: Using the Swedish population ...

Korean Immigrant Mothers’ Perspectives ... - SpringerLi

This study examines what a Korean heritage language school means to Korean immigrant families and their children, considering Korean immigrant mothers’ perspectives on American early schooling. As...

Cultural Values Influencing Immigrant Haitian Mothers .

Although research has shown that mothers significantly influence daughters’ willingness to be vaccinated against the human papillomavirus (HPV), cultural factors influencing immigrant Haitian mothers’ willingness to have adolescent daughters to be vaccinated are unknown.

"Who Is Sitting Across From Me?" Immigrant Mothers .

"Who Is Sitting Across From Me?" Immigrant Mothers' Knowledge of Parenting and Children's Development Article (PDF Available) in PEDIATRICS 114(5):e557-64 · December 2004 with 95 Reads

Qualitative Research on the Childbirth Experiences of .

There is a need for nurses to understand and to provide for the special needs of this community, specifically new mothers during the childbirth experience. This case describes a qualitative study of Somali immigrant new mothers’ experience of childbirth in Minnesota. Semi-structured interviews with 12 new Somali immigrant mothers were conducted.

Migrant Youths and Children of Migrants in a Globalized .

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Chinese Immigrant Mothers Negotiating Family and Career .

Eventually, the restriction of career opportunities stagnates immigrant mothers’ career development, hinders their integration to the host society and affects their well-being due to social isolation. The findings also suggest that social class plays a role in immigrant mothers’ experiences with employment and family responsibility.