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Machinery Lubrication & Oil Analysis Fundamenta

• The Basics of Machinery Lubrication and Sampling • for Oil Analysis • Lubricant Selection and Problem Solving • Oil Analysis and Report Interpretation Machinery Lubrication & Oil Analysis Fundamentals Professional Training to Improve Machinery Reliability 4772 - 50 AVE SE, Calgary AB T2B 3R4, Canada T 403.246.3044 E [email protected]


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Thermaco, Inc., manufacturer of the Big Dipper Automatic Grease Removal Device and Trapzilla Super-capacity Grease Interceptor, is regarded as the leading separation technology company in the highly specialized field of oil and grease extraction from commercial kitchen wastewater.

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Industrial wastewater treatment describes the processes used for treating wastewater that is produced by industries as an undesirable by-product. After treatment, the treated industrial wastewater (or effluent) may be reused or released to a sanitary sewer or to a surface water in the environment.. Most industries produce some wastewater.Recent trends have been to minimize such production or ...

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The activated sludge plant is the most popular biological treatment process for larger installations or Spring 2003 Vol. 14, No. 2 Small Community Wastewater Issues Explained to the Public I Explaining the Activated Sludge Process Activated sludge package plant at Mason Dixon Elementary School in Monongalia County, West Virginia. Photo by Ed Winant

Oil and Grease Removal from Industrial Wastewater Using .

The present study is an attempt to investigate oil and grease pollution that may pollute fresh water and influence aquatic environment. Then removal of oil and grease from manufacturing wastewater befall essential but common techniques not enough. Enzyme and adsorption units representing major developed new laboratory were selected to assess the water quality and humiliation prospective of oil ...

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plant. Its purpose is to convert energy of a prime mover (a electric motor or turbine) first into velocity or kinetic energy and then into pressure energy of a fluid that is being pumped. The energy changes occur by virtue of two main parts of the pump, the impeller and the volute or diffuser.


CHAPTER 6 WASTEWATER TREATMENT PROCESSES 6-1. Preliminary and Primary Waste-water Treatment Processes a. Introduction. ... any wastewater treatment plant is the equipment and facilities used to remove items such as rags, grit, sticks,other debris, and foreign objects. ... heavy loads of grease and finely divided sus-

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Effectively manage process effluent with an industrial wastewater treatment plant by Biocell Water. Design and supply of complete packaged plants for industrial wastewaters including non standard and specialist applications. Independently tested, quality industrial sewage systems.

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Biofuels Basics. You are here. ... Most ethanol is made from plant starches and sugars, but scientists are continuing to develop technologies that would allow for the use of cellulose and hemicellulose, the non-edible fibrous material that constitutes the bulk of plant matter. ... or recycled cooking grease. Like petroleum-derived diesel ...

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Grease Basics - Efficient Plant. efficientplantmag.com. The greater the penetration the softer the grease and the lower the NLGI Grade number. Most grease used today falls under the classification of NLGI 1, 2 and 3, with the most common being NLGI 2...

What’s in a Lubricant: Characteristics of Grease .

Because oil is always the lubricating medium, all decision factors involved in choosing the right viscosity and additives for the application will still apply. Before using a specific grease, check with the grease vendor or manufacturer to ensure that the product’s oil viscosity is suitable for your application. Grease characteristics

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Grease is "hydrophobic," which means it prefers to cling to surfaces that are free of water. Large amounts of oil and grease in the wastewater that goes down a drain can cause sewer lines to clog sewer lift station failures, wastewater treatment plant problems and environmental concerns.

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The basics Grease is a “dirt magnet,” so it’s surprising to many that packing it into the cavity around the bearing actually helps keep dirt and other contaminants from getting into this critical component. On very old motors, lubrication was provided by oil-soaked felt that “wicked” oil to the bearings.

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Finally, lubrication software was added to help establish efficient routes, schedules, responsibilities and accountability. While the plant had only 1,350 lube points, it managed to save $200,000 the first year and more than $160,000 per year during the next three years for a total of $680,000.


Oil and grease discharge, along with produced water, involves compliance with stringent regulations. For example, monthly average oil content of 29 ppm (analyzed by EPA 1664 A) in dischargeable produced water is allowed for offshore operations in the Gulf of Mexico. Oil and grease removal methods depend on the end usage of treated water and

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One of the most important things an operator can do for his machinery is to make sure it is properly lubricated. So what is a lubricant and how does it affect operations when used properly? This article will answer these questions and more by covering the fundamentals of lubrication. We will discuss ...

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Passive grease interceptors collect the fats, oils and grease (FOG) as it rises to the top of a baffled chamber when wastewater passes through the unit. The grease trap influent separates because grease and water are immiscible; creating a grease cap due to the difference is specific gravity of the grease (lipids) and water.

Machinery Lubrication & Oil Analysis Fundamenta

• The Basics of Machinery Lubrication and Sampling for Oil Analysis • Advanced Lubrication and Lubricant Selection • Problem Solving Through Oil Analysis Machinery Lubrication & Oil Analysis Fundamentals Professional Training to Improve Machinery Reliability 4772 - 50 AVE SE, Calgary AB T2B 3R4, Canada T 403.246.3044 E [email protected]

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