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Sospensioni per ventose Vacuum cup VS Vacuum cup suspensions Sospensioni per ventose •Le sospensioni (o buffer, o compensatori di livello) sono usate •The suspensions (or buffers, or level compensators) are used to keep the suction cups in position as the robot approaches.

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• Available upon request with FDA-H1 food-grade grease. Parallel grippers. www.gimatic.com 27 0/2013 MGX MGX2005 MGX2508 MGX3210 MGX4015 MGX5020 MGX6030 A 35.8 42 51 61.2 70 78.6 ... I sensori magnetici utilizzabili sono i codici Gimatic: Il kit per il fissaggio dei sensori induttivi è fornito nella confezione della pinza.

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The Basics of Food-grade Lubrican

Other Issues Surrounding Food-Grade Lubricants Using H1 food-grade lubricants is no replacement to sound design and maintenance. H1 lubricants are still only approved for minimal, incidental contact. If a plant uses food-grade lubricants, the FDA limits lubrication contamination to 10 parts per million – that’s 0.001 percent.

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• Food grade grease FDA-H1. Pinza pneumatica per materozze, angolare non autocentrante a due griffe serie BB • BB-12-00 a doppio effetto. • BB-12-NO normale aperta. • BB-13-NO normale aperta con sensore. • Corpo e griffe fusi in lega di zinco (zama). • Profilo sottile. • Doppia possibilità di fissaggio. • Grasso alimentare FDA-H1.

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• Food grade grease FDA-H1. The sensor SS3N203-G is included. BB-12-00 BB-12-NO BB-13-NO Medium Filtered, lubricated / non lubricated compressed air ...

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• Grasso alimentare FDA-H1 e guarnizioni per alta temperatura (no a 100°C.). 2-jaw self-centering pneumatic parallel gripper ... • Food grade grease FDA-H1 and seals for high temperature (up to 100°C.). Polígono Indutrial O Rebullón s/n. 36416 - Mos - España - [email protected] 159 03/2015 DH

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Find GIMATIC S.r.l. Grippers Data Sheets on GlobalSpec. Grippers activate jaws or fingers to pick up, hold, or move work pieces in an automated or robotic system.

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• Available upon request with FDA-H1 food-grade grease and high-temperature seals (up to 100°C). www.gimatic.com 397 09/2012 SXT FIRST ANGLE PROJECTION S D8 L3 L2 D7 (x12) P1 B1 H 1 D9 B2 H1 D6 H2 L1 D5 (x3) P D3 (x3) D4 (x3)

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Food-grade lubricants are either compounded or uncompounded products acceptable for use in meat, poultry and other food processing equipment, applications and plants. The lubricant types in food-grade applications are broken into categories based on the likelihood they will contact food. The USDA created the original food-grade designations H1,

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H1 is the globally recognized term for food grade lubricants allowing incidental food contact (also valid for other products e.g. pet food or pharmaceuticals) with defined maximum levels of the lubricant present. The limits for such an incidental contact as well as approved ingredients for H1 lubricants are defined by the FDA (U.S. Food &

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• Available upon request with FDA-H1 food-grade grease and high-temperature seals (up to 100°C). Polígono Indutrial O Rebullón s/n. 36416 - Mos - España - [email protected] 417 03/2015 SXT FIRST ANGLE PROJECTION S D8 L3 L2 D7 (x12) P1 L4 B1 H 1 D9 B2 H1 D6 H2 L1 D5 (x3) P D3 (x3) D4 (x3)

International Regulations for Food Grade Lubrican

the responsibility of evaluating food grade lubricants and other food processing substances,” she added. Working with the USDA, NSF captured all previous review require-ments and launched a third-party registration and listing program for food grade lubricants. Lubricants ac-ceptable for incidental food contact are identified or categorized as H1

Q: What Differentiates H1, H2 & H3 Food-Grade Lubricants .

H1 lubricant formulations may only contain certain base stocks, additives and thickeners as specified by FDA regulations (21 CFR 178.3750). Usually, when people refer to “food-grade” lubricants, they mean H1 lubricants. H2 lubricants can be used in food-processing facilities, but only where there is absolutely no possibility of contact with ...

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• Food grade grease FDA-H1. Polígono Indutrial O Rebullón s/n. 36416 - Mos - España - [email protected] 245 03/2015 SGP-S E T1 T2 S1 S2 D E D S SGP-20S SGP-25S SGP-32S SGP-40S S Ø3mm Ø4mm Ø4mm Ø4mm PINZE PNEUMATICHE PNEUMATIC GRIPPERS Pinze parallele a 2 griffe / 2-jaw parallel grippers

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L • ong stroke or short stroke (1). P • ossibility of front fastening with through screws (2). H • igh efficiency force transmission (1). O • ptional magnetic or inductive sensors (3). F • DA-H1 food-grade grease. Pinze parallele a 2 griffe / 2-jaw parallel gri. Open the catalog to page 1

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