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08/03/06 - SINGLE-point, automatic lubricators have been around for over 40 years now. Today's auto lubes are very robust products but they must be properly installed in order to ensure reliable, long-term performance. HTL Perma has recently released a range of ...

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Single-Point Lubricators. Applying lubrication exactly where and when it’s needed will help keep your operations running smoothly. Timken offers a range of single-point lubricators, so you can choose the optimal solutions for all your industrial needs. Proper lubrication is critical to bearing and machine performance.

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D elta International Sales recently commenced its new South African sales partnership with Industrial Fluid Solutions (IFS): www.greasemax.co.za. IFS have the sole distribution rights for German based single point lubricator manufacturer GreaseMax in South Africa. GreaseMax will be an important part of IFS’s national expansion strategy.

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GreaseMax is a truly self-regulating automatic lubricator relying on no pre-loaded internal pressure for its operation. Models: GreaseMax lubricators are only available in one size, 120cc but can be filled with any lubricant your heart desires. This uniform design obviously reduces production cost but was actually driven by durability ...

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Profile: Delta Distribution Pty Ltd supplies GreaseMax® single point lubricators.Our equipment is chemically operated automatic lubricator with less maintenance down time and elimination of occupational health & safety issues.

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About Us. GREASEMAX FAIL-SAFE AUTOMATIC LUBRICATORS: GreaseMax Southern Africa CC is the Sole Distributors of GreaseMax Lubricators in Southern Africa, Supplying all GreaseMax Lubricators & fittings to Clients and approved / Certified Retailers and National Distributors appointed within Southern Africa.

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GreaseMax single point automatic lubricators provide a continuous controlled grease output and are ideal for motor lubrication. GreaseMax overcomes motor lubrication problems and works reliably in all conditions – hot, cold, wet, vibrating, and without maintenance or adjustment.


single-point lubricators, so you can choose the optimal solutions for all your industrial needs. Proper lubrication is critical to bearing and machine performance. To help extend the life of your equipment and increase uptime, Timken® D-Power, G-Power, and M-Power single-point lubricators

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Our company was founded in 2007 as GreaseMax SA and in 2013 our Company Improved our Product Design and Safety Features and are the Sole Distributors of Lubricator King® Automatic Lubricators ever since. Lubricator King Distributions C.C. is the only direct TUV-International Registered Sole Distributor of Automatic Lubricators in South

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Single-Point Lubrication Systems (Electrochemical) Today, anyone looking for safe, effective and long-term economical lubrication of equipment takes advantage of automatic lubrication. perma offers an optimal solution for any lubrication point in terms of technology, economy, and workplace safety aspects.

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IDEAL for motor lubrication, GreaseMax single point automatic lubricators provides continuous controlled grease output at a set rate, for a set period, without maintenance or adjustment. Suitable for use in all conditions – hot, cold, wet or vibrating – GreaseMax works without maintenance or ...

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Delta Distribution has released a single point automatic lubricator that can provide a continuous controlled grease output. GreaseMax overcomes motor lubrication problems and works reliably in all ...

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LAGD is a gas driven single point lubricator. It is suitable for direct mounting in dangerous environments with limited available space. This disposable lubricator with a pressure of 5 bars and operating temperature of -20 °C to 60 °C is a cost effective solution to customers who are looking into improving their manual lubrication practices.

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A single point automatic lubricator is a self-contained and adjustable device that automatically dispenses grease or oil to a lubrication point over a preset period of time. Single point automatic lubricators limit the need for manual lubrication and are especially useful when lube points are located in remote and hazardous locations.

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perma FUTURA, CLASSIC, FLEX and NOVA single point automatic lubricators use an electrochemical reaction to supply a continuous supply of fresh grease to the lubrication point. Every 11 seconds a perma autolube is installed or exchanged worldwide.

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ABOUT US : Our Company is trading since 2007 as a Fail-Proof Automatic Lubricator Distributions Company, and are registered as Lubricator King Distributions C.C. trading as GreaseMax SA effective 09/2013 as the Sole Distributor for the Latest Range of Leading Chemically Operated Automatic Lubricators.

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COMMON QUESTIONS ASKED ABOUT GREASEMAX ®. How do I know GreaseMax ® is working, when the position of the piston can't be seen? Firstly, remember that GreaseMax® has only one moving part, (the piston), no mechanical parts, and no electrics. It uses an operating system proven to be absolutely reliable over 25 years.

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Single point continuous automatic lubricator. GreaseMax is a chemically operated, single point, automatic lubricator that comes in four discharge models: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months & 12 months.

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Looking for Grease Lubricators? www.ferret.com.au showcases products from suppliers of Grease Lubricators and other related products and services. Ferret; ... GreaseMax® is a single point, continuous automatic lubrication system that can be used in most industry application and helps reduce labour requirements.