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F01M1/00 — Pressure lubrication F01M1/08 — Lubricating systems characterised by the provision therein of lubricant jetting means F01M2001/083 — Lubricating systems characterised by the provision therein of lubricant jetting means for lubricating cylinders

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Multi-line and progressive systems constantly operate as long as lubricant is fed by the pump. For systems that have more than one lubrication point within a relatively short distance, a pure multi-line system is not economical. Additionally, pure multi-line systems are not easily monitored.

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SINNTEC offers a MultiFlex gear pump. Operating pressure is at 63 bar, pump elements with max. 5 outlets. Pump elements are freely expandable.

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Two-line lubrication systems have two main lines which can supply several distributors. This allows the supply to over 1000 lubricating points using just one pump assembly. Multi-line lubrication systems convey the lubricant directly to the lubricating point. Every lubricating point has a single pump element and can be supplied individually.

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Their key benefit is the minimal amount of oil (0,01 cm³ / 0,025 cm³) required per lubricating point and lubrication cycle. These systems are often used in automotive industries. Multi-line systems: Multi-line central lubrication is primarely used for lubricating single machines and small machine or device clusters.

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SKF multi-line lubrication systems consist of the following components: a pump unit, control and monitoring devices, tubing and fittings. Multi-line pump units supply lubricant to lubrication points without extra metering dividers. Thus, each lubrication point has its own pumping element. The system design is simple, accurate and most reliable.

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